6 Best Silent Disco Headphones [2023]

Silent Disco Party (From: Pexels)
Silent Disco Party (From: Pexels)

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the best silent disco headphones that will surely round up your party experience.

NameWireless TechBattery LifeTransmitter included?Price
Silent Sound System Starter Package Best OverallRF12 hoursYBUY
Party Headphones Silent Disco Bundle Strong Runner-UpRF12 hoursYBUY
Factory Sell Silent Disco Headphones Best BudgetRF8-10 hoursYBUY
Sound Off GLO 2 Best For Intimate EventsRF12 hoursYBUY
Talent RF-309 Best PersonalRF10 hoursNBUY
AYVVPII Silent Disco Headphones Most StylishRF8-10 hoursYBUY

How to Choose the Best Silent Disco Headphones

“Silent” and “disco” are two words you wouldn’t expect to be in the same sentence. However, once you get over that thought, you’ll be introduced to an interesting experience.

Silent disco refers to an event where people party to music transmitted and heard through wireless headphones instead of loudspeakers. The concept gained traction in the early 90s when people started doing it to lessen noise pollution and bypass sound curfews. However, it wasn’t until 2005 that the term “silent disco” was first used in the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

One of the earliest references of silent disco was seen in a 1967 chapter of the Japanese manga, Astro Boy.
Silent Disco in 1967 Astro Boy The Summer of 1993 (From: Google Books)
Silent Disco in 1967 Astro Boy The Summer of 1993 (From: Google Books)

If you’re planning on hosting a party like this, it goes without saying that you’ll need the best silent disco headphones. However, choosing one is easier said than done.

Apart from the usual factors like comfort and durability, you also need to consider the wireless technology used, audio channels, and more. Here’s a quick guide to the different factors to look at when buying your own silent disco headphones:

How much are you planning to spend?

Your budget is essential when getting silent disco headphones, especially if you’re looking for a set that’ll please your guests. Unlike when buying headphones for only yourself, you’ll have to consider the number of guests, and that’ll require a lot of cash.

In line with this, you’ll have to decide whether it’d actually be worth it to buy the headphones instead of just renting them.

Buying a set can go for around $400 to $1600, depending again on the number of headphones. A single piece of silent disco headphones alone can cost more than $40. You’ll also have to invest more in other accessories such as transmitters.

On the other hand, renting is the more budget-friendly option, especially if your silent disco party is just a one-off thing. This can go for only $200 for 20 headphones and can increase depending on how many headphones you’ll be getting. Aside from that, renting usually comes with technical people to help you set up the headphones so that you can focus on other things.

Despite the price, buying and having your own set of silent disco headphones can be a worthy investment that will benefit you in the long run.

With your own set, you wouldn’t need to contact other people to rent the equipment repeatedly. You can slowly earn back your investment by organizing parties for a fee or renting out the equipment to others.

Besides, although they come with quite a hefty price, you can lessen the financial load by canvassing options and setting a budget. You can also try limiting your attendees to less than 20 at first. From there, you can buy more headphones and increase the number of your party-goers.

Wireless Technology

Without wireless technology, silent discos would not come to be. But, not all wireless technology is the same.

In fact, there are three leading wireless techs used by silent disco headphones today: Bluetooth, Radio Frequency (RF), and Infrared (IF). Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses, but only one is suitable for silent disco. Let’s learn more about those in this section.

Ever since Apple, Google, and Samsung axed their audio jacks, the wireless headphones industry saw a massive rise in demand. This prompted a lot of manufacturers to develop their wireless technology further.


Bluetooth is undeniably the most popular option today, with over 201 Million units shipped in 2021. This is because it costs manufacturers less, and they are widely compatible with a lot of devices today, making them accessible and convenient. They also have clever features like multipoint.

Bluetooth isn’t the best choice for silent disco headphones despite its popularity.

Using Bluetooth for silent disco headphones means your party venue will be filled with multiple Bluetooth devices fighting within a specific frequency. With this, interference and latency issues are real possibilities. Bluetooth also uses up more battery than RF and IF.

Infrared (IF)

Infrared uses light to transfer signals from the receiver to the transmitter in hindsight. Because of this, Infrared has also been known as line-of-sight technology since they won’t work if they’re not lined up steadily with the transmitter.

One of the most common uses of IF technology today is in your TV remote sets. That’s why you need to raise and change the angle of the remote at times for it to function.

Infrared technology is capable of producing high-quality sounds. The unique way of transmitting signals through light also prevents any form of radio interference or static. However, IF’s limited range and inability to perform in movement make it less suitable for a silent disco.

Radio Frequency (RF)

Radiofrequency (RF) has been used for the longest time and is still very useful in the audio industry today. RF relies on radio waves that carry sound signals to and from the receiver/transmitter.

RF is especially useful for connecting a large group of devices since you can just set them all to the same frequency. This means that there’s virtually no limit to how many headphones you can connect to your transmitter.

Radio waves can also transmit signals more than 100 meters away, even to moving objects and through obstructions such as concrete walls. These are characteristics you need for your silent disco, which makes RF the best choice for wireless technology in this case.

Audio Channels

Don’t you just love it when you enter a party, and the music they’re playing is right along your alley? Much like your TV at home, you can think of audio channels as separate networks that your audience can choose from during the party.

For example, one channel can be dedicated to fast party music, which people can jump to. Another channel can be pop music that people can dance and sing to. Finally, the third channel can be for chill party music, the kind that fits those who just want to sit down and have a drink.

Currently, silent disco headphones can only accommodate up to three audio channels. So anything less than that can be underwhelming.


Whether you’re hosting a private or a public silent disco, you shouldn’t take the comfort of the headphones lightly. Comfort can make or break the experience of your attendees. Remember, people will wear, dance, and move around with these headphones all night. Your goal is to make them feel the party and not be irritated by uncomfy headphones.

That said, comfort is subjective and can get tricky because of that. But, it usually comes down to these two things:


Adjustability refers to how much of your headphones you can customize on the spot to fit the user. Adjustments can come in the form of adjustable headbands, swiveling ear cups (vertically and/or horizontally), and more.

The more adjustment options, the better because it increases the chances of finding the right setting for a specific user.

Padding and breathability

The paddings come in contact with the users’ skin the most, so it’s a significant factor for comfort. You might think it’s easy to just get headphones with overly thick padding and believe that it’s all good. However, this is not the case because you must also consider its implications on breathability.

Truly comfortable headphones feel thick and full. But, they should also be breathable enough to prevent heat and moisture build-up in your ears. This is really important in a silent disco where people move around and possibly sweat more.

The secret to propper padding and breathability are the materials used. Memory foam is a great option when it comes to this because it can hold the shape of the users’ ears and even absorb heat for that cooling factor.

You should also consider getting headphones finished with velour. Velour is a type of plush felt fabric that offers excellent cushion and ventilation.

If you’re hosting a public silent disco, it would be wise to invest in disposable headphone covers. Strangers sharing headphones can put everyone at risk of getting ear infections and other hygiene-related problems.


Your party-goers may be in there for a good time and not a long time, but that doesn’t mean your headphones should be too.

Not to mention, not everyone will take as good care of your headphones as you do. And, you can’t exactly keep an eye on each guest to see how they treat your headphones.

When buying, here are three things to look out for to determine the headphones’ durability:

Strong Materials

Everybody knows that materials like steel are strong, but they aren’t exactly light and comfortable to wear. Lightweight but strong plastics such as PVC, PC, and ABS are recommended for silent disco headphones. These materials are strong and should last the test of time — but they’re also light and won’t be much of a hassle on the dance floor.

IP Rating

The IP rating system scores an electronic device’s water and dust resistance. In a silent disco, your guests will most likely dance around and sweat. They can even possibly get into accidents and splash drinks onto your headphones. A good IP rating means your silent disco headphones will survive the wear and tear of a night of partying.

IP ratings have two numbers on them. The first number refers to protection against solid objects, while the second number is for protection against liquids. A minimum of IPX4 is a good rating that ensures your headphones are protected against occasional water sprays.


The warranty of the headphones does not directly affect their durability, but it is a good indicator of what you’re dealing with. More specifically, the length of the warranty can tell you how much the manufacturer trusts its product.

Lifetime warranties tell you that the makers are so confident in their product that they’re willing to service it for that long. On the other hand, short warranties may indicate that the manufacturers are not willing to risk a lot on the product.


Last but not least, the design of your silent disco headphones should also be taken into account. Aesthetics for silent disco headphones is vital to match the mood of the party and add to the vibrant effect of the place.

If you choose a design that feels clean and professional, your guests might feel more reserved and casual. Whereas, if you choose a vibrant and modern design, it will make your guests feel light and active.

An excellent feature to look for in silent disco headphones are LED lights. LED lights are often used by gamers and streamers to complete their RGB aesthetic and can usually be found on the earcups. These can also change colors and even pulsate with the music of your different audio channels.

6 Best Silent Disco Headphones [2023]

Silent Sound System Starter Package

Best Overall
Silent Sound System Starter Package (From: Amazon)
Close look at Silent Sound System Starter Package (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • In the box: 9 Headphones, 1 Transmitter, 1 Headphones case, 1 Free Headphone Management System
  • Wireless Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • No. of audio channels: 3
  • Wireless range: 500m
  • LED Lights: Yes – with color-coding

Silent Sound System is one of the industry leaders of silent disco in the US. Their Starter Package has everything you need to get your feet on the ground, and their headphones feature a vibrant and clever design.

The Silent Sound System Starter Package includes nine RF headphones. These headphones are complete with in-line controls that let users switch from any of the three audio channels and control volume. They can also go on for 12 hours which is more than enough for a whole night of partying.

The headphones also come with LED lights around the ear cup that change colors depending on what channel the user is in. With this, you can easily track what music your guests are listening to for the night.

For its build, these headphones use vegan leather ear pads. These pads are hypoallergenic and easy to clean as well, which can save you a lot of time. The headphones also feature a foldable design for easy storage and even come with a case to safely house all nine headphones in.

The free headphone management system is also a great help for those just starting in the business. This printed guide will help you set up and troubleshoot the common problems you might encounter during your event.

Since the starter pack only comes with one transmitter, you have to buy and add more Silent Sound System transmitters to support more channels. Packs containing 50, 100, and more headphones with multiple transmitters are available.

The only drawback for the Silent Sound System headphones is that these headphones are not guaranteed to work with third-party transmitters.


Party Headphones Silent Disco Bundle

Strong Runner-Up
Party Headphones Silent Disco Bundle (From: Amazon)
Close look at Party Headphones Silent Disco Bundle (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • In the box: 10 Headphones, 1 Transmitter
  • Wireless Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • No. of audio channels: 3
  • Wireless range: 500m
  • LED Lights: Yes – with color-coding

Like the Silent Sound System, Party Headphones is another well-known silent disco company, servicing the country for 11 years. If you want to buy silent disco headphones, look no further because their Silent Disco Bundle is also one of the best out there.

The Silent Disco Bundle from Party Headphones contains 10 headphones that can run for 10-12 hours. And, in terms of design and build quality, these are pretty close to what Silent Sound System does but with slight differences.

They are both foldable headphones that feature a soft cushion and a volume dial at the side along with the channel toggle. The placement and style of the LED lights are also identical, but these have six color options which is three more than what Silent Sound System offers.

Despite that, these headphones only remain as the strong runner-up. This is simply because Silent Sound System just has more additional accessories, such as the free headphone management system.

The transmitter included in the package supports only one audio channel but has a channel toggle so that you could assign one transmitter to be channel 1, 2, or 3.

Another cool feature of the transmitter is the ability to switch between short and long-range modes. Short-range transmits the audio within a 200-meter radius — saving more battery. On the other hand, long-range can reach more people within 500 meters.

Speaking of more people, you can also buy individual units from Party Headphones to accommodate more guests.

Much like the headphones from Silent Sound System, these silent disco headphones will also struggle to work with third-party devices. This is because their transmitter emits a specific signal that devices from other brands cannot easily detect.


Factory Sell Silent Disco Headphones

Best Budget
Factory Sell Silent Disco Headphones (From: Amazon)
Close look at Factory Sell Silent Disco Headphones (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • In the box: 20 Headphones, 3 Transmitters
  • Wireless Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Battery Life: 8-10 Hours
  • No. of audio channels: 3
  • Wireless range: 500m
  • LED Lights: Yes – with pulsating effect

A low budget doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get decent silent disco headphones anymore. The Factory Sell Silent Disco Headphones package offers 20 headphones and three transmitters all below $850. You can also choose from other packages that include anywhere between 2 to 150 headphones and multiple transmitters.

The headphones use RF technology and receive signals up to 500 meters away. They can also run for 8-10 hours and support three channels.

The package also includes three transmitters that can switch between 9V DC and battery operation — something that the previous two choices in this list do not have.

These headphones feature circular ear cups lined with LED lights that flash along the music being played. The same lights can also change according to the channel. The ear cups can swivel in two directions and also have on-ear controls for power, channel-switching, and volume.

The headphones are quite thin and built out of plastic which can be a concern for durability. Parts of the headphones, like the volume dial and the buttons, may also get loose after a while. However, the overall design and build of the headphones allow them to be lightweight and comfortable.


Sound Off GLO 2

Best For Intimate Events
Sound Off GLO 2 (From: Amazon)
Close look at Sound Off GLO 2 (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • In the box: 15 Headphones, 1 Transmitter
  • Wireless Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • No. of audio channels: 3
  • Wireless range: 300m
  • LED Lights: Yes – with color-coding

If you’re looking to host more intimate events and you have the budget to splurge for it, the Sound Off GLO 2 is a great choice. These are noise-isolating headphones with a comfortable premium build that will enable your guests to enjoy the music without distractions.

On top of that, they also feature Sound Off’s proprietary 40mm drivers with Immersive Dynamic Bass (IDB) technology that produces a bigger bass for a captivating experience. These are features your close friends and family on your intimate event will genuinely appreciate!

The package includes 15 RF headphones with 1 transmitter. However, the transmitter can only broadcast up to 300 meters away for optimal sound quality, which is just right for a small gathering. The headphones also come with rechargeable 300mAh batteries that can last for up to 11 hours.

Sound Off’s design of the headphones closely resembles that of Silent Sound System’s with the square ear cups and LED lights. They have the same channel switch at the side of the ear cups and a volume dial on the other side. These headphones also feature a gray headband and leatherette ear cushions.

The package includes the Sound Off Bolt 2.2 Transmitter that can wirelessly control the LED lights on the headphones and can even accept audio from a Bluetooth source. The fact that they are also battery-powered gives you the option to have your intimate silent discos on the go.

Packages with 30, 45, and 60 headphones are available on their Amazon Store. You can also buy replacement ear cushions from the official Sound Off website.

In order to have three audio channels, you would need to buy two more transmitters. However, the Sound Off Glo 2 headphones will not work with any other transmitter, which can be a problem considering the relatively high price of the Bolt 2.2.


Talent RF-309

Best Personal
Talent RF-309 (From: Amazon)
Close look at Talent RF-309 (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • In the box: 1 pair of Headphones only
  • Wireless Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Battery Life: 10 Hours
  • No. of audio channels: 3
  • Wireless range: 500m (depending on transmitter)
  • LED Lights: Yes – with color-coding

If you’re looking for silent disco headphones that you can use on your own, the Talent RF-309 is worth a look. The design and functionality of these headphones can be compared to Silent Sound System and Party Headphones. And, they come in a solo pack.

The Talent RF-309 features an adjustable headband and ear pads both lined with soft cushions. You can also dial the volume up or down and switch channels through the on-ear controls.

These headphones run with RF and can switch through three different audio channels. Talent RF-309 also have a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) that keeps input and output of signals steady for stability of the frequency.

These will allow you to enjoy music for 10 hours without having to keep your audio source close because it can receive audio signal up to 500 meters away. Now, you could run around your neighborhood freely with just the headphones on your head.

The LED lights on these headphones can change to three different colors depending on the channel you’re in. These lights may be great during parties but can also be used as a safety light when you’re out at night.

In order for these headphones to work, though, you’ll need to buy a transmitter. Unfortunately, the Talent RF-309 only works with the Talent TX-50RF transmitter.


AYVVPII Silent Disco Headphones

Most Stylish
AYVVPII Silent Disco Headphones (From: Amazon)
Close look at AYVVPII Silent Disco Headphones (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • In the box: 10 Headphones, 1 Transmitter
  • Wireless Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Battery Life: 8-10 Hours
  • No. of audio channels: 3
  • Wireless range: 500m (depending on transmitter)
  • LED Lights: Yes – with color-coding

Style plays a big role in a party and that’s exactly what the AYVVPII Silent Disco Headphones can give you. These headphones feature a circular ear cup lined with LED lights that can pulse with the beat of the music being played. More so, you can even send your logo or design to AYVVPII and they’ll print it out on the headphones for you!

These headphones aren’t just stylish — they’re comfortable too. The AYVVPII Silent Disco Headphones feature a retractable headband that is finished with a leather cushion. The ear pads are built with the same comfortable material too.

Outside of aesthetics, these headphones also have a complete set of features for silent disco. They use RF, they can switch through three different audio channels, and they can run for 8 to 10 hours.

The package includes 10 silent disco headphones and a dual-powered transmitter that can broadcast one audio channel up to 500 meters away. And, if you’re not out in a silent disco, you can just attach the 3.5mm audio cable to the headphones and connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or any other audio device.

An issue with the headphones comes out when you’re broadcasting three channels via three different transmitters. Doing so results in one of the channels getting interference if the transmitters are within 10 meters of each other.



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